Game Plus – Terms and Conditions

Game Plus Terms & Conditions


Change Log:


  • Reverted an unintended change, returning the price of access cards to $50.50 (it was inadvertently changed to $50 + GST in the last update).


  • The Agreed Price in the Service Schedule provided to members now shows the cost of Service Fee and Add-On Costs separately. References to Agreed Price, Service Fee, and Add-On Costs have been amended to reflect this change, namely in sections 5, 6, 12, 19, 29
  • 9. Use of Premises
    • Added 9.2 “You occupy the Premises as non-exclusive licensee.”
    • Renumbered existing 9.2-9.5 as 9.3-9.6.
  • 15. Indemnity
    • Added 15.1(c) “any action by you or any of your guests resulting in a breach of the Headlease; and”
    • Renumbered existing 15.1(c) to 15.1(d).
  • 16. Insurance
    • Previously indicated that Game Plus recommended you take out and maintain for the duration of your Membership, public liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and personal property insurance as is appropriate for your circumstances. Amended to indicate that public liability insurance is now required.
  • 17. General Acknowledgements
    • 17.1(c) amended to “Game Plus only grants you a non-exclusive licence to access and use the Premises, and the facilities contained therein;”
    • Added 17.1(g) “Game Plus occupies the Premises as lessee and: when in the Premises, you must ensure that you (and anybody you have allowed onto the Premises) complies with any provision of the Headlease; and to the extent of any inconsistency between this agreement and the Headlease (including as to the Service Period and the times at which you can occupy the Premises) the Headlease prevails.”
  • 29. General Definitions
    • Added definitions of Add-On Costs, Agreed Price, Headlease
    • Updated definitions of Add-Ons, Payment Date, Service Fee, Services