Game Plus & AEDA Expand Support Program with Additional $20,000

After an initial successful run in 2022-23, Game Plus is pleased to announce it will be renewing the Game Plus Support (GPS) Program for another round with the partnership and financial support of the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA). The help of an additional $20,00 in funding will be devoted to the development of emerging talent, people changing careers into game development, and individuals from diverse groups entering the Adelaide games industry.

The GPS program provides desk space and flexible membership to individuals within the Game Plus Adelaide co-working space who otherwise may have not been able to find their way into the industry, and places them at the heart of the local game development scene. Recipients are given access to valuable resources and networking opportunities, which previous GPS Program participants have managed to utilise to progress their projects and develop lasting connections that will continue to shape the careers of those involved.

GPS Program participants were given direct support and industry guidance that strengthened their existing game development skills. This was an invaluable experience, according to the feedback provided by those who have completed the initial round of the GPS Program.

The overall success and feedback provided from the initial round of the GPS Program have shown there is a need for these kinds of support programs in the industry. One participant stated, “Just going into Game Plus and talking to other members was delightful. The whole community is friendly and welcoming, and it feels like everyone is working towards a common goal of bettering themselves and the products they create, lifting everyone up as they do so.”

100% of survey respondents stated that they would recommend the GPS Program to a friend. On top of this, 75% plan to continue their membership with Game Plus, choosing to stay in the co-working space after the funding period ends. “We are so pleased with our integration into the community and the level of support and inclusion we have experienced,” said another participant, “Such a great space for all members of the [games] community in SA.”

Game Plus Support Program - Emma Waters, co-founder Towerpoint Games

Through the GPS Program, participant Emma Waters co-founded Towerpoint Games

Emma Waters, a participant of the first round of the GPS Program, said, “As a direct result of the GPS Program, I have started a game studio with someone else in the space!” Emma mentioned, “This project would never have existed without the GPS program, and I am endlessly thankful for the program’s part in helping me to build a future in games.”

Game Plus Team Leader, Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol, stated, “We had such a great uptake for the first round of the GPS Program in 2022, and I’m so pleased to see how many people directly benefitted by being involved.” Mr. Farquhar-Nicol continued, “We want to say a huge thank you to Ben Kirchner, and the whole team at the Adelaide Economic Development Agency – not just for the amazing financial support for the GPS Program, but for AEDA’s excitement for and belief in the games industry, and their passion to help Adelaide’s game development sector grow. I can’t wait to see who joins the GPS Program this time around and what awesome things they create.

Fostering talent is the key to propelling industries forward in the city,” said Ben Kirchner, Acting Executive Manager, Business Growth & Investment Attraction at AEDA. “Through the GPS Program, we are not only shaping the next generation of game creators but also contributing to the growth of the broader gaming ecosystem in Adelaide. The resounding success of the initial round is a testament to the necessity of such support programs in our industry.

Game Plus and AEDA plan to offer up to 20 GPS placements in the Game Plus Adelaide space in 2023-24, ranging from dedicated desks to flexible memberships for a range of individuals who are beginning their careers, part of diverse groups, or changing careers to the video game industry.

Applications for the first intake of the 2023-24 Game Plus Support Program are open until 31 August 2023. Head to to learn more and apply for this program.

[You can also view this article on the Adelaide Economic Development Agency blog.]